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Football Betting Sites

Football Betting Sites are one of the most popular betting sites on the web, and it doesn’t matter if you are an avid follower of football and bet on matches week in week out, or someone who has the occasional flutter on cup ties or teams you think will win any league in any upcoming season,  FootballBettingWebsites.ORG is the only one you need to visit regularly.

Best Football Betting Sites 2019

To give you an added incentive to revisit this website daily, you are going to find all of the very latest football betting news stories and you will also be presented with the best tips of the day too.

Keep in mind that most football related betting markets are very volatile at the best of times, and as such you do often have to act quickly when an outstanding and potentially very rewarding betting opportunity arises.

So make sure that you bookmark this website and check back daily to get all of the very latest betting news and many pointers as to just where the smart money is going on all upcoming football matches too.

With that in mind let me give you an insight as to just what is in store for you as you take a look around this website, and also as you make use of its many unique features.

Football Bookies That Pay

To enable you to pick out at bookie that is going to pay you out your winnings without delay, and also give you detailed information on the range of football bets some of the best betting sites are offering you, I have put together many bookmaker, sportsbooks and betting site reviews.

football betting sites
There are loads of Online Betting Sites!

Those reviews are designed in such a way that you can quickly look up any aspect of those sites that you are demanding and expecting, and check to see if any of them are offering you things that you may have listed on your own personal checklist of wants and demands too.

A range of exclusive bonuses are also available at each of the approved betting sites that you will find showcased throughout this website, so make sure that you find out just how high in value those welcome bonuses are and claim as many of them as you can do, for they are certainly going to be helping you lock in additional betting value when you do so!

There is of course always the potential that you are going to win big when betting on football, even if you wager for small amounts, and I have also made a point of reviewing betting sites that are famed for having some of the very highest payout and cash out limits in the industry, so you will always get paid your winning rapidly and just as importantly in full too.

One final thing that you should be demanding from any betting sites that you do actively sign up to and bet at is the peace of mind in knowing that they are licensed and regulated, and for reference each of those listed throughout this website are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Get to Know Your Football Betting

It isn’t difficult placing a football bet, however what is going to take some time to get your head around is you knowing just which bets you can place that are both going to give you the best chances of winning, and also the bets and wagers that will ensure you get the maximum returns too.

As many betting sites are going to be offering you bonus winning payouts on selected bets and some will also be giving you consolation bets too, you do really need to keep on top of the football betting game.

Therefore I have compiled a guide on every single type of football bet you can place online, and I will also be revealing to you the very best betting sites at which you are going to be able to place each individual type of football bet too.

The onus is always going to be on you to ensure that you get the maximum possible returns when backing any football team to win or any additional outcome in a football match, and that is something you are going to find out how to do when making use of those guides, so make sure you check them out!

Mobile Football Betting App Comparisons

The humble little betting app has of course come a very long way in recent years. In fact, some bookies now have their own team of mobile app technicians who are tasked with ensuring the betting apps on offer at those betting sites are the most advanced ones available to punters.

There can also be several additional benefits of you choosing to use one betting app over any other, and to give you even more information as to where you should be placing your mobile football bets I have plenty of guides available that will be comparing lots of different betting app

It is the built in features, range of football betting markets and the offers and deals that you will always be attracted to using and getting access to when you do fancy betting on your mobile phone or tablet device, so make sure you do take a look at those betting app comparison guides sooner rather than later!

Avoid Delays in Receiving Your Winnings

There are two things that will guarantee you get paid out and get paid out quickly when betting on football online or on your mobile device, the first is the betting site or betting app you choose to bet at.

But one thing that I can guarantee is that you are always going to be paid out your winnings in a timely fashion at any of our featured football betting sites and apps showcased throughout this website, however it is also the withdrawal option you choose as to just how long you are going to have to wait to receive your hard earn money!

Whilst debit cards are the deposit and withdrawal option of choice for many punters these days, you will also have the ability of getting paid out rapidly when using a web wallet or e-wallet, and if you have joined the mad dash to get a digital currency wallet, and you  use any of the main cryptocurrencies, then you will find plenty of sites and apps that offer that as a way to deposit and get paid out too.

Being based in the UK and as all featured football betting sites as mentioned above are licensed and regulated, you do have to be over the age of 18 to bet at any of them, and will have to get your betting account verified too, but that is a fast a simple procedure these days and will then go on to ensure winning payouts are never delayed, so do keep that in mind too.

Football Betting Coupons Explained

Football betting sites have many great coupons that are available in such huge numbers these days, it doesn’t matter at which football betting sites or which betting app you make use of, you are going to be showered with them, however there is something of an art form required in knowing which ones you should be making use of!

To help you get to grips with betting on a football coupon, if they are completely alien to you, and you have never bet using one before, you will find a range of informative articles and guides that will help point you in the right direction of the ones offering you value week in week out.

In fact, as there are so many different football betting coupons on offer to you nowadays, you should always ensure that you have signed up to a handful of betting sites, as that way you will always be able to place a bet on those types of betting slips when you spot on offering above average odds and bonus payouts too.

Don’t Just Place Bets Lay Bets As Well

Thanks to the next generation of betting exchanges, you not only have the option of placing bets, but you can also lay bets too, and as such you can certainly be the master of your own destiny when you want to get your next football betting fix.

A betting exchange is going to offer you the opportunity of offering your own set of odds on every single possible football related betting market that you want to offer to other football fans and punters.

The way those betting exchanges work is that they will match you up with a punter that wants to bet with you and they will then place a bet on the football match outcomes you are offering odds on, if they win you lose and you must pay them out in regards to the stake they placed and the odds you offered.

However, if those punters bets they placed with you lose, then you get to keep their stake money, less of course a small betting exchange house commission.

I will of course be giving you an insight into the best types of bets and the odds you should be offering to ensure you do get the maximum potential returns when laying bets at a betting exchange, and I have reviewed several of them too.


You are of course always going to be best advised to carefully study the form or any two teams that are going to be playing against each other in any upcoming football matches, and it is often the case that to get the best possible win odds for example you should be making use of the future betting markets.

However, there could come a time when you have taken some high odds on any football match outcome and when the match kicks off things do not go the way you may have predicted and you could be looking at making a loss on any football bets you did place.

That is when the in-play football betting markets really do come into their own, as by making use of one of them you are going to be able to place a bet as the matches are being played out, and that is often when a punter will attempt to lay off any bets they placed before the kick off in the hope they will reduce their potential losses, or in some cases even lock in a guaranteed winning payout instead.

Please do carefully check out the many in-play football betting sites markets guides, articles and news stories that my team have put together for you. As the only way you are going to be a much more successful and profitable football punter is by knowing ever single type of betting opportunity available on football matches inside and out!

And Finally! Bet with Your Head – Not Your Heart!

One final thing that I do want to bring to your attention and that is whilst you are always going to have often hundreds of bets and wager types that you can place on any upcoming football matches, cup ties and also leagues and football tournaments, you do need to gamble responsibly.

It can be a tad too easy these days to go into overdrive when your favourite football team is playing and if you get carried away when betting on them if your team or chosen outcome doesn’t occur in any match you could end up experiencing a big loss!

So always gamble responsibly no matter which football related bets and wagers you are thinking about betting on, for that way you will always have a fully rounded betting experience and will never be too upset when you chosen team or teams let you down, as not every football bet you place will be a winning one!

Now please do spend as much time as you like looking around the Football Betting Sites website as you are going to find plenty of things that will interest you inside, and make sure you do pay us another visit, as we do update this website daily with plenty of additional news stories, articles and football betting related guides too!