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Please read through the following Cookie Policy that relates to the website.

Understanding What Cookies Are

A cookie is a small text file that all visitors to this website will have downloaded onto their computers or mobile devices whenever they pay a visit to this website.

They are in place to allow us to enhance the experience you will have when visiting this website, however this Cookie Policy is also going to enlighten you as to why it is required for us to use Cookies and also how you can decline them or remove them too.

For this website to function correctly you are best advised to leave our cookie on your device, however if you choose to decline or remove them certain parts this website may not function correctly.

Should you wish to learn more about the way that Cookies work and operate then please do take a look at the Wikipedia guide to Cookies.

Why We Use Cookies

We want all visitors of this website to have an enjoyable an unsurpassed experience when using this website and that is one of the main reasons why we have them in place an operational on this website.

I should point out that most of the visitors to this website will benefit from having Cookies enabled on their computer to get the most out of using this website, and there is no industry standard in place currently for how website visitors can disable cookies, but below we go into a little more detail about doing so.

How to Disable Cookies

If you do not wish to accept our Cookies then that is of course your decision to make, and if you are happy to accept that certain parts of this website may not function correctly with them disabled then there are several guides and articles that I feel will give you an insight into how to disable Cookies.

It is of course all dependent on just which web browser you have chosen to utilize and make use of to visit this website regarding how to disable Cookies, therefore four articles that will be of great use to you that are worth reading are the Guide to Internet Explorer Cookies, the Guide on Firefox Cookies, and also do check out if you use the following browsers the Guide to Chrome Cookiesor the Guide to Safari Web and iOS Cookies.

Third Party Cookies

Please also be aware that on this website we use Google Analytics to allow us to see how our website visitors make use of this website and to allow us to target our articles in such a way that they will find them useful based on the data we analyse from that service.

Any websites that we may link to or mention on this website will of course have their own Cookies Policy which you should of course familiarise yourself with.

Additional Information

Should you want to learn more or have any additional question relating to out Cookies Policy in place on this website then please feel free to contact us.