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Privacy Policy

You will find below the Privacy Policy as set out on FootballBettingWebsites.ORG, please do ensure you read it through and in full as by doing so you will find the way that we put into place steps to protect your privacy when using this website.

We do also have a Terms and Conditions section of this website and also a Cookies Policy too which you should also read through and familiarise yourself with, as your continued use of this website will be taken as you approval of each of them.

Visiting Third Party Websites

As we do showcase a range of third party websites and companies throughout this website, some of which will be offering deals, bonuses and special offers to users and visitors of this website that then go on to visit those third party company websites, when you click through any of our links you will be tracked when doing so.

That is to ensure that the third party website is aware that you did click through one of our links to get to their website and you will then qualify for the special offers and deals available to you. That tracking is simply done in most cases by a cookie being placed onto your computer or mobile device, and it will not contain any of your own personal information.

Leaving Posts, Comments and Feedback

We may offer you the ability of leaving comments, feedback or allow you to post on any of the guides and/or news stories found in place on this website.

To be able to do so you will be required to sign up as a user of this website, when doing so we will require from you some information about you that could include your name and email address.

The information you supply when signing up to leave posts, comments and/or feedback will be stored safely and securely at all times, and will only be used for its intended purpose.

Any personal information that you do supply for such purposes will not be sold or made available to any third party unless we have been required to do so by law, nor will your personal information be used for marketing purposes.

Email Newsletters

We may invite you to sign up to receive email newsletters from us or any of our featured sites, and the sole purpose of those email newsletters will be to update you on any new content found on this website, but will also be used to offer you  range of exclusive promotional offers and deals.

When signing up to such a newsletter you will be required to supply us with some of your own personal information, and due to the nature of the offers and deals that we will be sending out to you, that information that you supply may be passed onto a third party company.

That is to allow them to offer you those offers and deals as described and showcased in the newsletters, so please be aware of that fact before you sign up to any email newsletters we do offer you.

However, be aware that at any time you can request to stop receiving them and you can do so by clicking on the unsubscribe links contained in them and by doing so we will then remove you from the list of people who receive those newsletters as soon as practically possible.

Contacting Us

You can of course contact us here at at any time, if you have any questions or suggestions.

Much like in much the same way as we will always respect your right to privacy as mentioned up above, if you do contact us for any reason we will only use the personal information you supply to reply to your questions or queries, and will not use that information for any marketing purposes and it will not be sold or given to any third party.