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Responsible Gambling

There can be no greater feeling in the world than having spent any amount of time studying the form of two football teams, taking into account the makeup of those respective teams and also then you working out the chances of them winning, you then go on to place a football bet and it wins!

However, it would be foolish for me not to mention that there are always going to be risks associated to betting on football and also when gambling in general, and that is why I have put together the following Responsible Gambling Policy that is in force throughout this website.

One thing I have made a point of doing is to only showcase and present to website visitors betting sites and apps that are fully licensed and regulated, as that way each football betting site, sportsbook and bookmaker you see showcased upon this website will also have their own Responsible Gambling policies and tools available when you chose to bet at any of their sites or when using their betting apps.

Always Set Yourself a Gambling Budget

The most important aspect of gambling in any shape or form is knowing your own personal limits, and it is with that in mind that before you ever set about gambling or football matches or for that matter gambling on anything that you make a conscious decision and work out just how much you can afford to gamble with.

You will always run the very real risk of losing when gambling and that thought should always be at the forefront of your mind, so above all else have a gambling budget in mind, and one that you can afford before you start to gamble.

Using Responsible Gambling Tools

All licensed and regulated betting sites and betting app are legally obliged to have a system in place whereby their customers are able to set their own limits, regarding things such as deposit limits and also loss limits too.

To ensure that you always do remain a responsible gambler I would actively encourage you to always set your own limits via those tools and gambling limit settings offered to you at such betting sites and when using betting apps, as that way you will remove all possibility that you will get carried away when gambling.

For reference when you have set yourself a loss limit or a deposit limit you will not be permitted to continue gambling or making deposits until the time limit that you selected has expired.

Some betting sites also now offer a take a break option setting, and as such if you would like to have a little break for a few hours, days or even weeks you can apply one of those take a break settings to your account, and you will not then have access to it until that time limit you set has expired.

Help and Support if Gambling Gets Out of Hand

Please do seek the advice and support of a third party organisation if you do feel that your gambling activities are out of hand, and you feel that things are getting on top of you, for there is a lot of help available to you if you reach out for it.

If you do want to stop gambling at any betting or gambling site or app then you do have the option of self excluding yourself, and that will see you simply filling in an online form which instructions the gambling site operator that you are experiencing problems with your gambling activities and they will then close your account and not let you open a new one on their site and will ban you from gambling via their betting platforms.

However, if you feel that you need to speak to someone about your gambling problem then there is free and completely confidential help and support available to you 24 hours a day.

That help can take the form of an online chat service, a telephone service for you can attend meetings with other gamblers or with a counsellor and by doing so you will find out the problems other people face and the nest course of action you can take to curtail your gambling activities once and for all.

Please do visit websites such as GamCareand Gamblers Anonymousfor there are a range of tools available on those websites and plenty of additional information that is going to help you give up gambling in all shapes and forms and ways that you can get your finances and just as importantly you life back on track.