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Terms & Conditions

This section of is going to be guiding you through the terms and conditions that are associated with using this website.

It is your responsibility to read through these terms and conditions, as by your continued use of this website that will be taken as you having accepted these terms and conditions in full and you then being bound by each of them.

Legal Age to Gamble

First and foremost be aware that the content found on this website is mainly aimed at betting on football, and therefore you need to be the legal age to gamble at least in whichever country you are visiting this website from.

If you are from the United Kingdom the current legal age to gamble is 18 in the UK and as such you need to be over the age of 18 to utilize this website. As mentioned though different countries of the world will have a different minimum legal age to gamble so please do ensure you are at least that age, as you do need to be to both use this website and to gamble too.

News and Information Provided

All of the news and information and additional betting and bookmaker/sportsbook guides and articles that you will find on this website are to be used for information purposes, and whilst we do make every effort to ensure the information and details found in them and in the news stories are accurate and up to date we cannot be held responsible for any errors and/or omissions.

Gambling is of course a risky activity and at no time can we be help responsible for any losses you incur when gambling in any shape or form, and you will be best advised to always set your own personal gambling limits when you do bet or gamble in any environment.

Be aware that we do not offer any gambling facilities or services directly from this website.

All betting offers and deals, including and promotional offers or odds we mentioned throughout this website are of course subject to change at any time, and the onus is on you to ensure they are still available.

Privacy, Cookies and Responsible Gambling Policies

There is a Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and also a Responsible Gambling Policy in place on this website, and as someone that is visiting and using this website you are encouraged to read through each of them.

Keep in mind that if you do visit any of the websites of companies that are offering gambling services that are mentioned or linked into this website, they will also have in place their own often unique Privacy Policies, Cookies Policies and also a Responsible Gambling Policies on their respective websites too, so do also familiarise yourself with them too when visiting any such third party website.

Third Party Websites and Companies

The third party websites that we mention or link into throughout this website are not owned or operated by us, and they will of course all be offering their own range of services.

When you do gamble online you are best advised to only ever do so, and this also includes when gambling via an betting app, at sites and with companies that hold a full and valid gambling license, and only ever gamble at sites and when using apps with companies that are licensed in the country in which you reside.

Whilst some countries of the world do have very strict and responsible gambling commissions and gambling authorities, and in the case of the UK that is the UK Gambling Commission, some countries have deemed gambling online and/or mobile gambling illegal.

Therefore do ensure that you are permitted and allowed to legally gamble in the country in which you reside or are visiting, and always make sure you are only ever gambling at sites and when using apps that are licensed and regulated too.